Caravan of Comics 2

The second caravan has returned to earth after two and a half weeks of hectic but wonderful madness. I’m still a bit crazy with jetlag and feeling sore and confused after seeing behind the curtain of the Real World. I have photos and stories… I’ll post some of them here, why not?


We landed in Toronto and headed promptly to The Beguiling, where our tiny brains were exploded with a million comics, minis, zines, and graphic novels. This gave me some idea that things were different in the northern hemisphere, but I soon learnt it was just the tip of the iceberg…

…I spotted this dodgy character…
Ok, so TCAF was incredible. It was exhausting and busy, but in the best possible way. Here’s some stuff I learnt:

– Loads of people are making independent comics. LOADS. And they’re all amazingly well-drawn, well-written, and well-presented. I was constantly swinging between feeling inspired to up my game and put more effort in, and feeling like I should really give up because how can I ever compete?! I tried my best to keep in touch with the former feeling, and ignore the latter…

– I have not ever spent any time thinking about what demographics my comics are aimed at/suitable for, and maybe I should consider that for a moment or two in future if I want to be a business person instead of a poor person (still not sure which I’d prefer).

– The presentation of the book matters. The cover REALLY matters. So many of the books had gorgeously printed covers with nice, thick/textured stock, and I reckon it would be fun and worthwhile to experiment with this in future. I know, duh, I should have thought of this a million years ago.

– Every convention I go to without business cards, posters, or free stuff to give out makes me a slightly bigger idiot.


I got some really great, kind feedback on my work, and discovered a few gems that I am eagerly awaiting sequels of.
Last Train to Old Town by Kenan Rubenstein was my personal favourite find – I loved the whispery art, I loved the ‘Stand by Me’ childhood adventure dynamics, and I’m looking forward to reading the next instalment!

We gave a panel, which I really enjoyed… I felt like we got a chance to reach people and explain ourselves, and a few of the panel attendees found us later at the library, which was fun.

Once we’d partially recovered from TCAF, we did a radio interview. True to form I was nervous, but it wasn’t so scary in the end…
(I could make a whole massive post featuring all the amazing graffiti I found on this trip – maybe later.)
Next up, Montreal! We visited a book launch at Drawn and Quarterly where I discovered Chihoi, and oh my goodness his work is amazing. We gave a presentation the next night, which I sadly have no photos of! But here is a peek inside the store…
…I’ll leave it there for now. Might post about the other half of the trip later!

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