I am a freelance writer and illustrator living in Melbourne, Australia. Cartoons are my one true love–even when I’m trying to do Real Person jobs. I also play in a band, and I sometimes science. They’re both my one true love too.self-portrait

My commercial work has included anatomical diagrams, text book illustration and other educational material, character portraits, band/event posters, storyboards, album artwork, logos, animatics (for Aneurysm FoundationLive Below the Line Australia,  and Future Perfect), and props for TV and film – but I spend most of my time writing and illustrating comic books. I also have a Bachelor of Science, so I’m pretty OK at drawing biological and technical stuff.

I’m probably/maybe best known as the creator of Zombolette. In 2012, an anthology of these comics was published through Milk Shadow Books. Now, I’m looking to develop Zombolette into an animated series.

I also self-publish under Bathwater Books.

I’m always looking to jump aboard interesting projects that come my way, so if you have something in mind, please get in touch!

You can check out my online folio HERE.

Contact Me

Scarlette Baccini

email: scarlette.baccini@gmail.com
ph: +61 408 356 918

Publications include:
Bug (2015, Bathwater Books)
Oi Oi Oi! #2 (2014, contributed the 8-page story ‘Bug’)
Zombolette’s Floppy #1 (2013, Bathwater Books)
Jesus Reloadeth’d (2013, Bathwater Books)
Zombolette (2012, Milk Shadow Books)
Yuck! #7 (2013, Milk Shadow Books, Contributed 7 pages)
Yuck! #4 (2011, Milk Shadow Books, Contributed 1 page)
Yuck! # 3 (2010, Milk Shadow Books, Contributed 1 page)
Zombolette Impresses the Ladies (2008, Local Act Comics)
Zombolette Vs The Real World (2007, Local Act Comics)

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