24 Apr

Tonight I watched my housemates play Bioshock (the first one, now we’ve all finished Infinite) while doodling myself silly on the couch. Tonight was also the night that I remembered how port tastes like a delicious dessert.

The ‘jar of hearts’ is in honour of that awful, awful song.

Beardy and the Geek interview

16 Apr

Emmet O’Cuana from Beardy and the Geek interviewed me about my new comic Jesus Reloadeth’d, and our campaign for the Caravan of Comics.

Listen to the podcast here. ❤

I always feel slightly awkward talking about the Jesus comic, like I should apologise for it or try to justify it and explain it. But man, it’s just silly fun funs, people will either hate it or not and there’s no winning people over.

Some people at Supanova got offended just looking at the cover. Others told me they were Christian, but they had a sense of humour about it and we had a nice chat. I like that everyone’s generally ok with excessive Jesus violence and killing, but the tender sex scene between two men is ‘too far’.


15 Apr

Absolutely wrecked after a huge weekend of Supanova (and a very croaky and tired gig with my band at the Toff). I got quite a few of my comics into new hands, and had some return customers from last year, which was extra great. The new Zombolette Floppy was ready in time and it went down pretty well.

I didn’t have heaps of time to see talks or guests, but I had a browse around the stalls and met some very inspiring artists.

Preparing for the event was pretty hectic and stressful, and I was thinking I wouldn’t be up for another convention this year, but now it’s all done and dusted I want more…


^^ My lovely and talented table-mates, Ive Sorocuk and Alex E Clark.

To the printers!

2 Apr

Zombolette’s Floppy #1 is finally at the printers! Very soon she’ll be in your disgusting, meaty paws. I can’t wait. Now I just want to get stuck into issue #2!

By the by, I’ve been using Jeffries Printing Services in Sydney for all my self-publishing efforts, and couldn’t recommend them more highly. 

The Naked Launch!

2 Apr

I’ve spent the last few weeks finishing off a new Zombolette floppy, learning how to watercolour, and organising this launch:


In case you didn’t read the poster (you sausage), we’re launching 6 new comics!

Jesus Reloadeth’d
By Scarlette Baccini

Zombolette’s Floppy #1
By Scarlette Baccini

Die! Bitch! Die!
By Matt Emery

24 Hours from Paradise
Ben Hutchings

Everybody Comics Face
Ive Sorocuk

Phatsville Comix 18
Various Artists

You should definitely come from all over the globe to participate in this event. There’ll be a burlesque show and everything.

Zombolette’s floppy cover

31 Mar

I cracked open my watercolour set today – huge fun!
Six hours later and I’m nearly done on the sexy cover art for the new Zombolette floppy…


Meet Pete

22 Mar

For a while now I’ve had a sad feeling that I was way cooler and funnier when I was a kid.

Tonight, I rediscovered some drawings I did when I was about 13 that kind of cracked me up. I used to have piles of doodles like this – random characters and jokes. Nowadays, I have to sit down and strain, and really try to have ideas before I can finally squeeze one out. No more does comedy gold like “Pete the wingless, beakless, footless, featherless budgie” just come to me.