I FINALLY did a proper print run of this comic. It’s an 8-page wordless short story that I made for my little sister when she was super little.

When I was a kid, I absolutely loved creepy crawlies. It didn’t matter how gross they were. I would spend hours hunting for them and talking to them and imagining the worlds that they inhabited. I made friends with them. My dear darling mother was no so fond of these friends, but would lovingly encourage me to continue my entomological pursuits, so long as they were away from her.

It’s easy to grow attached, and I quite liked making little jar houses for the bugs so that I could keep them close at all times. The thing with making friends though is that no one should be the ruler. The relationship must be symbiotic. So I had to learn to let them go.

In this sense, ‘Bug’ is a story about friendship.

You can purchase a copy via my online store.


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