Folio 2

Wizard and pig - v2MurderSqueezus and HairyFly friendsCOVERbug_0Weird_Bug_1Weird_Bug_2Athazagoraphobic Cat_SBFloppy 1 posterCaptain_Cutthroat_clean_notextLauren and Peter portraitpage-7-1

The Thieves Are Only Babes 2

Accompaniment to Dear Plastic’s song “Memo” – Page 2

skeleton-final-filedigestive-system-master-body-v2brain-heart-largeSamplespeoplecars091006_b15086784_10154732512836677_259484105_nTNL_Poster_FBDocon_colour_10_DC_temp crop


Poster design


Excerpt from “Jesus Reloadeth’d”.


Excerpt from “Jesus Reloadeth’d”


Excerpt from “Jesus Reloadeth’d”

Character design.character demo 2Character design.


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