Reviews, articles & media appearances

I talk to Lawrence Leung from The Feed about zombies at Melbourne Zombie Convention 2013.

“Scarlette Baccini is either stark raving mad, or an unsung genius of the script, your call!” Scaryminds reviews Zombolette!

“Baccini delivers so much entertainment from page to page, that I found myself stuck in this fantastic world.”
Decapitated Dan reviews Zombolette in this horror comic roundup.

Watcha Podcast reviews Zombolette and LOADS of Aussie comics in this Australia day special: Whatcha Podcast 014 – Super Aussie Special

“If you’re easily offended, don’t check it out.” Kirby Your Enthusiasm reviews Zombolette

“The book itself feels like it was ripped out of the pages of the diary of an institutionalized mental patient.”Impulsive-Reactions lavishes Zombolette’s Floppy #1 with flattery 

“Baccini is evidencing more thought here on the actual importance of communal religion through blasphemy than many who claim to speak for their god.”
The Momus Report examines “Sex and Blasphemy” in Jesus Reloadeth’d, alongside Lulu by John Linton Roberson.

“Your kms may vary as to how much you enjoy this subversive little one-shot. I enjoyed it a lot.”
The Australian Comics Journal reviews Jesus Reloadeth’d.

Interviews and Podcasts

Interview with Pikitia Press
2012 in Review: Scarlette Baccini

Interview with Aggressive Comix
Artists profile

Podcast: Beardy and the Geek interview
April 16th, 2013: “Caravan of Comics, WWJD?”

Podcast: Guest on Sci-fi and Squeam with JOY 94.9FM
Episode #157: Villains in Genre

Podcast:  Guest on Sci-fi and Squeam with JOY 94.9FM
Episode #138: Women in Horror

Podcast:  Guest on Sci-fi and Squeam with JOY 94.9FM
Episode # 102: Games & Faery Tales, Comics & Fables

Podcast: Kirby Your Enthusiasm interview
Episode 21

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