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Beardy and the Geek interview

16 Apr

Emmet O’Cuana from Beardy and the Geek interviewed me about my new comic Jesus Reloadeth’d, and our campaign for the Caravan of Comics.

Listen to the podcast here. ❤

I always feel slightly awkward talking about the Jesus comic, like I should apologise for it or try to justify it and explain it. But man, it’s just silly fun funs, people will either hate it or not and there’s no winning people over.

Some people at Supanova got offended just looking at the cover. Others told me they were Christian, but they had a sense of humour about it and we had a nice chat. I like that everyone’s generally ok with excessive Jesus violence and killing, but the tender sex scene between two men is ‘too far’.

A little book of blasphemy

26 Feb

❤ The big Jeez finally arrived this morning. The books look great, if I may say so. Self publishing is hard and time-consuming and expensive work, but totally rewarding.

Very soon, I will have a website available so they can be purchased. Or maybe I should just give them out for free and send around a collection plate…?



Cover art take 2!

11 Jan

Ok so the cover art I was working on wasn’t really working as a cover… it looked best in black and white. So I’m working on an alternative. I’ve used photoshop to do colour illustrations twice before, and they were for the first two single issues of Zombolette. They were pretty average. This image I’m working on now still has problems–Jesus looks a little stiff (lol), for example–but I still think this is better than a black and white cover. I might use the other image in the title page.

Screen Shot 2013-01-11 at 4.26.43 PM

Jesus cover art

2 Jan

I’ve finally finished inking my Jesus comic! In celebration of this, here’s some very rough and early cover art.


…I still need to think of a title!