Portrait of a monkey

This is a commissioned portrait I did yesterday. I’m not very experienced with portraits, and I’m not very experienced with neat line-work, but it turned out ok I think. It’s to be a gift for a pal’s mum. I hope she likes it, and doesn’t punch me in the face about it or anything.

P.S. I made this design up and didn’t steal it from Frida Kahlo.

Two stories complete

Two Zombolette stories are now totally done! I have plans for a few mini one-page gags to squish between them, then I have to paint the cover, then I’ll have another floppy out! I’ve made a page about it at my amazing new website, too: http://bathwaterbooks.com.au/?project=zombolettes-floppy-issue-1 I’m pretty much a professional web developer now. Only, I’m one who just uses pre-programmed themes and doesn’t know how to do anything. I’ve done SO MUCH editing of the inked pages in the most recent story… lots of cutting and pasting, rearranging, trying to get it just right. I want to go back and re-ink some of the panels from the other story I finished (the yoga one), but my inking has come such a long way since then I think it would really stand out! For the page below, I wanted Zombolette’s world to be more clean and crisp to reflect the plot. I normally draw very scraggly environments, but this was fun. Image